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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Radio Station of the Month

The Radio Station of the month of February 2014 is Transformation Talk Radio, which airs on the Internet and on WBLQ heard in parts of Rhode Island, New York and Connecticut.

The founder is Pat Baccilli, at, and the senior executive producer is Linda Working,


The shows on Transformation that are in one or more of my 16 ebooks are:

The Dr. Pat Show. (Self-help, New Age, health, politics, relationships, entertainment and science & tech ebooks

Animals View (animals ebook)

Voices of Women (New Age and Men & Women ebooks)

Get inspired (self-help ebook)

Alive and Shine Show (self-help ebook)

Snap Out of It (self-help ebook)

Gaialogue Radio (business, Environment and New Age ebooks)

The Jenn Royster Show
(New Age ebook)

Fire It Up with CJ (self-help ebook)

Cathy Is In
(self-help ebook)

Intuit YOUniversity (self-help and New Age ebooks)

Dr Julie Show (Self-help, health and New Age ebooks)