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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Talk Radio Station of the Month of August

The Talk Radio Station of the Month of August 2014 is KCAA, in San Bernardino, Ca.

Below is the information on the station:
bus tel. 909-885-8497

Fred Lundgren, president and CEO
Licensed  to Broadcasting Management Service
Katy, Texas

The show in my ebooks on KCAA is:

Constitution Radio (politics ebook)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Radio Station of the Month

The radio show of the month of July 2014 is Business Talk Radio.
Below is the information about the shows:

President Jeff Weber


Shows on Business Talk Radio that are in my ebooks:

Mike Siegel Business Report (business ebook)

Stu Taylor on Business
(business ebook)

Financial Wisdom with Gabriel Wisdom (business ebook)

Conscious Lifestyles (environment book)

Computer America (science & tech)

The Frankie Boyer Show (health ebook)