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Friday, August 29, 2014

Talk Radio Station of September

 LA Talk Radio.

The founder is Sam Hasson
Los Angeles, Ca 

 The shows in my ebooks on LA Talk Radio are:

Sam in the Morning (entertainment ebook) 

Film Courage (entertainment ebook)

Question Reality (entertainment ebook) 

Inside the Industry (entertainment ebook) 

Jack Marino Warrior Filmmaker Show (entertainment ebook) 

The Simon Gowen Triathlon (sports ebook) 

The BBQ Central Radio Show (food & travel ebook) 

Night Visions (New Age ebook) 

Cathy Is In (self-help, health and relationships ebooks) 

Two Talk Books (authors ebook) 

Talk to Brazil (business ebook) 

Answers 4 the Family (parenting ebook) 

Relevant Music & Muse (entertainment ebook) 

The Outbuzz 
 (entertainment ebook)