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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Talk Radio Station of the Month of January 2015 is Web Talk Radio

Each month I feature a radio station from either my book, Talk Radio Wants
You, or from one of my 16 ebooks of talk radio shows. In January 2015 the station 
is Web Talk Radio and the information I have is below.

Web Talk Radio was founded by Brad Paul, president of Matrix Media 

These are the shows on Web Talk Radio that are in my ebooks:

Affirmations for Living (self-help) <

Ageless Lifestyles (health)

http:// <>

Blissful Living (health)

Compelling Change (self-help)

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion (New Age and Science & Tech) <>  

 Creative Possibility (self-help, business, parenting, relationships)


The Dog Zone (animals)

The Fabian Calvo Show

Healing From Within (health, self-help and New Age)

http:// <>


Hope, Healing and Well Being  

Hovey's Outdoor Adventures (sports)

http:// <>
How to Live Cancer Free (health)

In Search of Fertility (health)

Journey for Truth (self-help)

Liberating Living (Self-help and New Age)

The New Retirement Show (business and health)
The Patriot Report (politics)

Quench (food & travel)

Simply Spiritual Solutions

Tantra Café (New Age)

Video Games (sports and entertainment)


  1. Replies
    1. There are so many, John - Transformation Talk Radio, Contact Talk Radio, Web Talk Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Genesis, Spreaker, BBS Talk Radio - I could go on and on.......