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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guest Post

Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D. is an Internationally Renowned Author, Writer and Mentor, Worldwide. Her latest project is called “The Successful Failure Series ® and she is writing the third edition. You can reach Dr. Joyce at

Why you Should have a Radio Show.

By Joyce Knudsen

Many people ask why I have a radio show. They typically are concerned about not making money and just giving their time away. They couldn’t be more wrong. Over the past 30 years, my business is based on a relational theory; that once you form a relationship with another, they will want what you have. In my case, courses. They want to learn from you. Just knowing I’m providing valuable information through my guests ( and these can be heard anytime, anywhere, throughout the entire world, gives me so much credibility and reputation that one simply cannot “pay” for.

If you want to have your own radio show, you can opt for BlogTalk Radio. Or, you can get a number with for a small monthly fee. My findings are that without the show, I would not be selling as many books as I do and would not be getting the new clients I am getting. It’s all connected!

In Today’s World, we have to have an “online reputation.” It’s important that we do many things for ‘no cost’ because our relationships are what people are seeking on the social sites. Radio is another venue.

Having my own radio show has introduced me to Mark Chesnutt, JoDee Mecina, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Michael E. Gerber and Ivan Misner, to name a few. They, in turn, have contacted me, followed me on social sites and have suggested guests for my show. Having this show has opened up doors for me to interview Hollywood Celebrities and local talent.

Should you have a radio show? Without a doubt.

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