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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preparing for an Interview

How much should a guest prepare for a radio interview?

Some hosts ask their potential guests to provide a list of questions for the host to ask them. In that case, the guest has an idea where the discussion will go. It’s also okay to request the questions beforehand on what the talking points will be so you’ll be prepared. Other hosts simply wing it and hope the guest will offer enough information to fill up air time. If the guest knows her topic well she will have plenty to say.

It’s a good idea to keep important information nearby so you don’t have to rely on your memory. For example, I have 16 ebooks of talk radio shows and inevitably the host will want to know what’s in them, what the categories are, where I sell them,, and possibly how many shows are in each ebook. So I always keep my list of ebooks handy. Since I’m also editor of Book Promotion Newsletter, some hosts mistakenly think I am a marketing expert and will ask me for tips. I’ve been stumped before so now I jot down some of the best marketing strategies from my book, Book Marketing from A-Z, which contains the best promotional strategies from 325 of my subscribers. Before you even approach a host, be sure to have your photo and bio ready to email since most hosts will want them beforehand.

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