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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten Tips for Being a Good Host and Guest

For the Host: Do your research on the guests and ask for a copy of their book or information on their business. The more you know about the guest the more insightful your questions will be. Prepare questions beforehand. Even if the guest supplies 10 or 15 questions, they are generally not meaty enough.

Listen to your guests’ responses. The answers will often give you more questions to ask. Hosts must be good listeners as well as good talkers. Be certain to contact the guest before the interview. You don’t want to be stuck with a guest forgetting and you holding the bag.

For the Guest: Be passionate about your subject. Most important. There’s nothing worse than a guest who drones on or speaks in a monotone.

Be well-versed about your subject. You were invited on the show because you’re considered an expert on your topic. Don’t disappoint either the host or audience with vague responses. Be well-spoken and friendly. Practice as a radio guest will aid in your ability to let the words flow and help you relax on the air.

So do as many interviews as you can, regardless of the caliber of the show.

Use the host’s name often in your interview. Everyone loves the sound of their name. This will score high points with the host.
Do not over-promote your book or business. Remember, you’re not on the air to promote your product but rather to provide valuable information to listeners. Besides, a good host will be sure to mention the book title, name of your business and your website many times. Send a thank you after the show.Hosts prepare for their shows and appreciate being acknowledged. You cannot imagine how much a simple “thank you” email means to the host.

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