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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Guest from Hell

My first choice for the guest from hell is a no-show. Nothing is worse for a host is to prepare for a show and have the guest absent. I remember when I was doing another show and the guest decided he had better things to do and stood me up. You can imagine what I think of him!

There are other guests from hell. I recall a host telling me a story about a woman with an important job who just froze on the air.
The host said:
It was the worst case of stage fright I’ve ever witnessed, and you have to keep in mind that there was no audience. It was just the two of us chatting live in studio, about a topic that she dealt with daily in her profession. It was the longest hour of my radio career.
Below are some gems from my book under the question of the hosts about their guest from hell.
My ex-wife.
Some chick who’s all high and mighty about herself, won’t play around with our jokes.
One who drones on and puts me in a coma before I have a chance to ask my next question.

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