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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why I Love Being a Radio Host

I am in the driver’s seat as a radio host. I can ask any questions I want of the guest, speak to some of the most interesting people on earth and never know when the guest will surprise me with good news, such as placing the audio on her website (that happened) to offering syndication (it should only happen).

Trying to get hosts to send back my questionnaires for my ebooks is much harder than getting guests on my show. When I pitched for guests on Radio Guest List the floodgates opened with hundreds of requests to be on my show. They didn’t even know where the show aired! I was never so busy fielding responses. Imagine if I was Sean Hannity or Geraldo Rivera? When I started Fraternizing with Fran, my producer said he’d like to be my co-host and it’s working out beautifully. Where once I feared silences or lack of questions when there’s a lull he pops up with his questions. The half hour flies by.

I would love to hear from other hosts and what they like about being behind the microphone.

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